Various Marketing Techniques

Do you want your virtual store to have more sales and traffic? Of course, you want. That’s why we’ve put together marketing tactics – with the tools you need to implement each of them – that you can put into action today.

If you are wondering if you are doing the most to get more visitors in your online store, this post is created to answer you. The tactics we have put together range from including a special discount just before the customer leaves your store, to creating emails for your customers who have already selected products in their shopping cart but do not complete their purchase.

So here’s a fun idea: Implement one tactic per day for the next two weeks, and on the last day of this effort, evaluate, review and understand what worked best for you.

Increase the sales of your products

“Would you be interested in a better one?”

Most of us have heard this question in some way. It is an example of additional sales, the effort of each merchant to sell you a product a little more expensive when you consider it.

And guess what? Works. According to Econsultancy, additional sales are 20 times more effective than cross-selling online. Sometimes customers do not know that there is a better available product to which they were chosen, or perhaps they can be convinced that a product is different and can better meet their needs.

There are two keys to improving a sale:

1) Make your additional sales are related to the original product, and

2) Be sensitive to the price range of your customers. We must take into account that the product must meet the customer’s original needs and that customers may not be very enthusiastic about a higher-priced product once they have a standard price in mind. The new product must be really better than the original.

Integra Instagram

The average value of each order on Instagram is $ 65.00. This is higher than any other platform, except Polyvore ($ 66.75).

If you use the correct hashtag, the appropriate filters and the post at the right time, then you are in the direction of building great acceptance on Instagram. The key to mastering this social network and marketing strategy is to engage with your users.

What are some of the ways to engage with your audience? Maybe you can try to launch campaigns or contests, go behind the scenes for your products, and most importantly, show images of your customers using them. Photos are known as generated by the users, and it is an excellent way to show your potential clients that you are capable of having and keeping your current customers happy.

The photos generated by your clients are a way, in addition, to generate social tests. Your potential customers will be able to see that your products are bought and used regularly by people like them, and they will feel more comfortable doing something that others have already done.

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